Why is it so Hard for Burnt-Out Teachers to Retire?

The current system of paying off burnt-out teachers with a $50,000 pay ‘bonus’ in order to get them to retire is very troubling. How come we don’t have the same problem with burnt-out nurses, policemen, social workers and veterinarians? They seem to leave when the passion has eroded. Why is it so hard to get our teachers to leave?

UNMOTIVATED, ageing public school teachers look set to be offered another round of $50,000 “burnout bonuses” to quit.

An Australian Taxation Office ruling reveals that the Education Department has applied for and been given permission to provide early retirement packages this financial year under the Teacher Renewal Program.

Under the scheme, 103 experienced teachers accepted the payout last year, freeing up 100 permanent positions for graduates and early career teachers.

A department spokeswoman said the Government had not yet committed to implementing a second round in 2012-13.

“The recent Teacher Renewal Program was highly successful,” the spokeswoman said.

Perhaps a better question is why do our teachers burn out so quickly?

My view is that teachers are burning out alarmingly young. Perhaps then, the bigger issue is addressing the incredible workload and stress levels faced by a modern teacher rather than the urge to have a burnt-out teacher replaced by another teacher destined to commence their own rapid journey into Burnoutsville.

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