Labelling Children is Extremely Harmful

We have all cheated on something in our lifetime. I’m not endorsing cheating by any means, but we have all done it.

A child who is found to be cheating should be confronted, but not in front of the class and should definitely not have to put up with unnecessary and unhelpful labels and be subjected to gruesome corporal type punishment:

Unable to bear the trauma of being labeled a ‘cheat’ and unable to bear the taunts of her teachers, an 11-year-old girl jumped to her death from the roof of the five-storied apartment building of in which her school. The incident took place is located in Howrah’s Bijoy Kumar Mukherjee Road on Thursday morning. The incident highlights the poor state of affairs in educational institutions across the state. In spite of a blanket ban on corporal punishment, students are regularly falling victim to high-handedness of teachers. This is, however, the first time in recent years that a child has been driven to suicide by those she is supposed to trust and respect.

The principal of the school and the concerned teacher were detained following a complaint from the girl’s father Shiv Narayan Mishra. He claimed that principal Dilip Kumar Dubey gave his daughter a tongue-lashing, telling her to ‘go to hell’ and remain uneducated for the rest of her life. This may have led the Class-VI girl to suicide. While the school operates from the first floor of the building, the other floors have residential flats which had given the kid access to the roof.

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2 Responses to “Labelling Children is Extremely Harmful”

  1. Mike Feurstein Says:

    And with “bullies” I’ve been teaching all of the students I come across each year that instead refer to them as “kids who bully” because once we’ve helped them stop bullying, or they decide to change their ways by some other influence, then they drop the “who bully” part and just become “kids” again.

    Perpetuating a label can only lead to identity confusion and the sinking feeling that you can never change, because you’re “the bully” or “the cheater” — I hope more young people realize the power of their words even if their voices feel small.

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