Token Gestures Devalue Women

She may claim to have been joking, but here ‘joke’ clearly had a serious overtone. When volleyballer Natalie Cook claimed she would protest if a woman wasn’t given the honour of being the Olympic Games flag bearer, she was trying to influence a decision that should never be made on gender lines.

Australian beach volleyballer Natalie Cook says she won’t take part in the opening ceremony of the London Games unless a woman is chosen the carry the flag.

The 37 year-old says its about time a female was named as our flag bearer and is prepared to stage a protest if another man is selected as the flag bearer.

If a female is chosen to be flag bearer, Cook’s comments have the potential to devalue that athlete’s achievements. It could be seen as a decision made out of political correctness rather than merit. That wouldn’t be fair to the athlete.

If a male is chosen, they would have to face unnecessary guilt at depriving a woman from getting the honour. This too would be completely unfair.

Token gestures are disrespectful. Australia’s female athletes are exceptional. Should one of them be given the honour of holding our flag, they shouldn’t have the honour diminished by a feeling that it was bestowed due to political correctness rather than merit.

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One Response to “Token Gestures Devalue Women”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    What about all those token male teachers in primary schools? Used to be about 50-50. Get out of it!

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