Casey and Ritchard Gale’s Interviews

How sad this story is.  The only good thing to come out of this story, is that it sends a clear message to schools that they need to be more proactive in stamping out bullying of all kinds.  Below is Casey’s A Current Affair interview and Ritchard Gale’s unfortunate lack of remorse in his Channel 7 interview.

I was hoping the backlash would have taught Ritchard a lesson.  I hoped it would make him reflect on his past actions and help to bring changes to his approach and attitude.  It is very disappointing to see that he remain unrepentant for his part in this incident.

I have no doubt that Gale has had it tough.  But he could have come out of this a champion of reform.  It would have been so powerful to hear him admit wrongdoing instead of painting himself as a victim.

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2 Responses to “Casey and Ritchard Gale’s Interviews”

  1. whatsaysyou Says:

    Spot on, Michael! I hope that Gale boy does learn his lesson and understand that bullying does not pay just because he is part of an “in-crowd” in the school’s social hierarchy. As for Casey, people should not punish him and understand him for the fact that because their school did nothing (the school is partly to be blamed) and allowed the bullying to continue. Their school and every school around the world needs to wake up and realise how serious bullying is.

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