What Are We Doing to Our Kids?

It’s unbelievable how political correctness has infiltrated our schools. The intentions may be noble, but the results are sure to be disastrous. Yesterday, I wrote of the incredibly stupid hugging ban at a Gold Coast primary school. Today, I was informed of another shocking school rule at Mt Martha’s Osbourne Primary School in Victoria.

The primary school principal of Osbourne has banned students from being in groups of more than three while at school in a radical plan to combat anti-social behaviour.

Principal Liz Klein said the ban was a short-term measure to tackle anti-social behaviour around the schoolyard.

But Ms Klein denied the school, with more than 600 students, had a bullying problem.

“This is not about bullying, it’s about silly, annoying behaviour at the hands of a select few,” Ms Klein said.

But that’s not all!  Two months ago a Queensland school principal was under pressure to perform a policy backflip after he banned students from doing cartwheels and hand stands in the playground.

This is just wrong!  School is tough enough as it is.  We should be investing more time and energy into making school a far more friendly and inviting place.  Draconian rules like these are so counter-productive.

What’s next?  Outlawing monkey bars?  Bunsen burners?  Sharp pencils?  Scissors?  Smiling?

Get a grip!  If you want to make schools safe, let go of political correctness and instead change your culture!


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2 Responses to “What Are We Doing to Our Kids?”

  1. First time Mom...with a capital 'M'! Says:

    wow, that is ridiculous…This only makes children want to lash out against authoritative figures, instead of looking up to teachers and principals and possibly wishing to be like them someday children look at them as if they are trying to control them when that is not always the case. I remember when I was in high school my teachers would make us sit in our seats until the bell rang, sure thats fine but if someone got up or said anything we would have to wait a few minutes after the bell. Or my personal favorite, the teacher would not let us in the class when class was starting if everyone in front of the door was not dead silent first…what is the point?

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