Political Correctness at School

I realise schools try to avoid controversy wherever possible, but what was William Duncan State School in Nerang doing?  Banning primary school aged kids from hugging?

Reports indicate that the children at the William Duncan State School are being punished with detention for hugging or touching their friend.

Parent Ross Kouimanis’s whose daughter Emily was given a warning for hugging her best friend calls it “Political correctness gone mad.”

”They are making something so innocent seem dirty or wrong. It’s just normal”, he said.

So what is the reason for this new policy?

Education Queensland South Coast Regional director Glen Hoppner said there was no EQ policy banning hugging in schools.

”William Duncan State School has determined that unwanted or unnecessary physical contact, which in some circumstances can include hugging, is inappropriate playground behaviour,” Mr Hoppner said.

”The school is mindful of protecting their right to not be touched in an unwanted or inappropriate way.”

Why are we making schools, which you could already mount an argument, isn’t the most natural surrounding for a child, into a cold and gloomy place?  Whilst teachers all around the world struggle to keep kids engaged, happy and motivated at school, bureacrats work hard at making school as difficult a proposition for our children as possible.

School should be as fun and exciting as possible.  We should focus our students to get on, co-operate, care for each other and thrive.

Less rules!  Less political correctness!

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