Teachers Who Agree With This Guy Should Be De-Registered


Agree with this guy? You don’t belong in a classroom!


A MALE teacher of disabled students, who has been charged with accessing child pornography on the internet, has claimed he should be able to teach again, because no children were harmed.

The Queensland teacher was putting forward an argument to get his registration suspension lifted, so he could teach again before the three charges are heard in court.

He is facing charges of possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access and transmit child pornography.

Queensland College of Teachers suspended the teacher’s registration on December 16 last year, after he was charged.

In his submission to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the teacher, who cannot be named, did not submit the charges were unfounded.

Instead, he argued the charges were only internet-related, and there was no suggestion any child under his care had been harmed.


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