A Teacher Doesn’t Get to Go Off Duty


If you want to get drunk and do foolish things in your non-working hours don’t become a teacher. We are role models long before our first lesson and long after the bell at the end of the day. Emily Higgins will be embarrassed by her actions.

And so she should be.



Click on the link to read Father Gets Revenge on Teacher Who Had an Affair With His Young Daughter


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3 Responses to “A Teacher Doesn’t Get to Go Off Duty”

  1. Chief_of_Class Says:

    I agree – vile behaviour and no doubt she’s mortified. It’s a bit of a tough situation though as in some ways, the older staff are being driven out because they can’t cope with workload, and the younger ones, who are becoming the bulk of the workforce, are often working 60+ hours a week, made to feel old beyond their years and yep…often end up letting off too much steam when they try to relax. And even then, on their night out, they have to worry about parents or students posting pictures of them on facebook with a glass of wine. Again though – this really is awful, awful behaviour. If Emily wants to do this on her holidays, she needs to go somewhere a lot further than Birmingham! I’m interested to know how the school responds…

  2. Plan Teach Play Says:

    I have to wonder if the response would be given if a paediatric doctor went and got drunk? or a social worker? or a foster parent who is caring for children? The way she is behaving is not acceptable from anybody but just because she is a teacher does not mean her actions should be broadcast any more than another persons with the same level of responsibility. Surely the question we should be asking is does this behaviour affect the children in her care and in her class? I have been verbally abused by a parent in front of my class and told she would get me sacked…but nobody is posting that video on the internet. Who says a teacher can not go out and have a drink and I don’t think it is fair to say a teacher can not go ‘off duty’. If we are never off duty then it is no wonder so many young teachers are leaving the profession after less than five years working in it. People need to realise a job is a job when they are at work and when they are not at work they have taken off that badge and are once again themselves. I go out and have a drink, i even stay out til 4 in the morning! does this make me a worse teacher? No…..It makes me outstanding because I come into work and give my heart and soul to those children when I am with them! Don’t judge a profession by a young girl.

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