High School Coach Headbutts a Referee (Video)


Our sports stars may argue that they are not rolemodels but athletes, but our high school basketball coaches cannot mount such an argument. How they model behaviour during good times and bad, reacting to poor referee decisions as well as good ones, is crucial to nuturing fine young sportspeople with the right type of values.

The teacher in the above clip seems to have failed that test.


A high school basketball game in Pennsylvania took an ugly turn at the end as video appears to show one coach headbutting a referee with so much force it knocked the official to the ground.

Video of the game, between Pennsbury High School and Neshaminy High School, two schools outside of Philadelphia, was obtained by the blog, City of Basketball Love.

According to the report (via Deadspin), the incident came with less than 30 seconds left in the game when a Neshaminy player was called for a charge. Neshaminy head coach Jerry Devine argues the call with one ref when a second official comes up and appears to call a technical foul on Devine. That’s when things got ugly.


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