The Teacher as Rolemodel


You can argue that sports stars and music artists never signed up to be role models. The same can not be said about teachers. When you decide to become a teacher, you are by extension signing up to be a person of influence over impressionable children.

As much as teachers are as fallible as others and are prone to poor judgement like the rest of us, doesn’t in any way excuse unprofessional behaviour. A teacher that comes to school drunk would be fortunate to get a second chance:


A Spanish teacher at a Connecticut high school was pulled out of class in handcuffs with very little explanation last week, and a local news station is reporting he showed up to class visibly drunk and pissed his pants in front of students.

Southington (Conn.) High School parents got a letter from the principal about the Thursday morning incident, but it went into very little detail: The teacher “behaved in an unprofessional manner… and was removed immediately from the classroom.”

An anonymous source at the school told WTNH that when students started taking video of the teacher, he flipped: “The kids were video taping it and he proceeded to pin a student up against the wall. He did make physical contact with a student.”

The unruly teacher was apparently handcuffed and removed from the school, but no police report was filed, according to Southington PD. WTNH visited the superintendent’s office to find out why police were never called and parents weren’t told what really happened, but assistant superintendent Karen Smith didn’t provide any answers.

The teacher hadn’t been officially disciplined as of Friday.

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