Now IS Are After Primary Teachers!



ISIS is evil, and it can only take an evil organisation to make teachers the target of terror. Teachers almost universally choose their profession based on the desire to give back and make an indelible contribution. To paint this as an act of intolerance or brainwashing is astonishing in its lack of perception and capacity to see hatred in something which is plainly good.


A TEACHER has been attacked in Paris by a masked Islamic State supporter wielding a box cutter and scissors.

The 45-year-old teacher was stabbed in the side and throat while preparing for his class at a primary school in Aubervilliers in northeastern suburbs of Paris, but his life was not in danger, a police source said.

The attacker was dressed in painter’s overalls and a balaclava and arrived without a weapon but grabbed what appeared to be a box cutter that was lying in the classroom as well as a pair of scissors.

According to local prosecutors the man shouted: “This is Daesh. This is a warning.”

Daesh is another name for IS.

The brief exchange was reported by a witness working inside the school.


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