Helping Kids Learn from Failure



The Groundhog theory, that all mistakes are repeated until learned from is apt and extremely relevant to children of all ages. That’s why it is very important to give our students tips for helping to identify mistakes and failures and learn from them.

The following is a list written by Angela Stockman:


6 Questions that Help Kids Learn from Failure

  1. In what ways did this experience help you become more courageous?
  2. What did you learn about yourself from this experience, and how has this knowledge inspired you to make positive changes?
  3. How did this experience make you wiser?
  4. If you were disappointed by your behavior, how might you consider its more positive aspects? In what ways might you use the same behavior to be of service to others in the future?
  5. If your beliefs, actions, or work wasn’t valued by a particular person or group, what are you discovering about the kinds of people and groups that you should be seeking out? Where you can find them? Who are they?
  6. What is this negative experience inspiring you to learn, create, or do?


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