I Love Teachers Who Go The Extra Mile



The incentive to be a mediocre teacher is there whilst teachers are paid according to experience rather than performance. That’s why it is refreshing to see teachers go well beyond their daily duty for the love of the job and a desire to see their students grow into happy and healthy people:


A photo of a US primary school teacher walking his students home has gone viral, with universal praise for the young man going over and above the call of duty to ensure his students’ safety.

On September 28, Memphis woman Tabitha Tudy Jones shared a photo on Facebook of teacher Carl Schneider walking students home from Whitney Achievement Elementary School.

“Coming from the Post Office on Whitney & Baskin I saw this teacher walking his students home… (more students lagging behind) Wooooow! Big UPS to this teacher! Just found out his name is Mr Schneider!” she wrote.

“I didn’t think this was part of the job description,” Ms Jones added in the comments section.

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