Teachers are Allowed to Make Mistakes … as Long as They are Just Mistakes



If this story is true, it is not a mistake, but rather an outrageous offense worthy of immediate sacking:


A young boy in the US was allegedly forced to write with his right hand at school by a teacher who described left-handers as “evil”.

Oklahoma  mother Alisha Sands noticed her four-year-old son Zayde had suddenly started using his right hand while they were doing his homework together, despite having always favoured his left hand, NewsChannel4 reports.

“I just asked him if his teachers ever asked anything about his hands and he raises (his left hand) and says, ‘This one’s bad,’” Ms Sands said.

After Ms Sands contacted Zayde’s teacher at Oakes Elementary School, he was sent home with a letter regarding “hand dominance” which described left handers as “unlucky, inauspicious or frankly evil”.

The letter also claimed “there are numerous instances of left-handedness being associated with wickedness”.

“It breaks my heart for him because someone actually believes that, believes my child is evil because he’s left handed,” Ms Sands told NewsChannel4.

Ms Sands said she complained to the school about the letter, but as yet no action has been taken.

The teacher should be made to write an apology letter, written using their left hand and then promptly shown the door!

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