Your Students Shouldn’t be the Target of Your Stand-Up Act


Make up your mind. Do you want to be a respectable teacher or a failed one that aspires to be a stand-up comedian. You can’t be both if your students make up your material:


A TEACHER who joked about his students in a crass stand-up routine has been slapped on the wrist by his school.

Russell Wigginton, a senior staff member at John Fawkner Secondary College in Fawkner, made fun of what students did and ridiculed Broadmeadows.

Acting principal Paula ­Condell said Mr Wigginton’s jokes were “in no way ­reflective of our students or school community”.

Mr Wigginton said he worked in Broadmeadows, which he joked was “the Aboriginal word for toilet”.

He made cracks about incest in the area before quipping that the motto on the school gate was: “Dreams is just ­another word that kids can’t spell.”

The science teacher then described several answers his students gave on a test.

“I had one kid tell me that the fallopian tube was part of a TV set, and that a menstrual cycle has three wheels. I had another kid tell me that menopause was a button on his Foxtel remote,” he said.

“This was my favourite answer. This came from a kid we in the teaching profession would describe as thick as sh-t.

“To the question ‘List two things commonly found in cells’: drug dealers and paedophiles.”

A Broadmeadows resident contacted the Sunday Herald Sun after seeing what he described as Mr Wigginton’s “crass, derogatory” routine on YouTube.

Ms Condell said: “We place a strong emphasis on high standards and expectations for all staff and students. This teacher has been reminded of his obligations … when developing his comedy material.”


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2 Responses to “Your Students Shouldn’t be the Target of Your Stand-Up Act”

  1. CARL R D'Agostino Says:

    Always brought a little humor into my classroom presence but as the years passed I become more conservative as our world is governed by so much absurd PC and also because we must be very sensitive to genuine cultural differences in the student population that not all humor is understood as humor. Simply put being kind and courteous helpful emanated a sensible comfortable aura for teenagers in which they can be happy and comfortable.

    • Michael G. Says:

      I couldn’t agree more Carl. No substitute for a kind and courteous teacher. It’s a shame that the PC culture has made us think twice before engaging in humour (one of the best ways to connect to people).

      On the subject of comedy, I urge my readers to check out Carl’s blog. He is a genius.

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