When Bad Teaching Meets Bad Student Behaviour (Video)

I tell my students that nearly every argument has two or more parties sharing responsibility. It is rare to find a completely innocent victim in a large scale incident.

This video captures an all too frequent scenario. A teacher who isn’t short on insults and is too frustrated and disheartened to make clear and sensible decisions, and a student who is so rude and abrasive that even the best teacher would struggle to maintain their calm.

There are no victims in this video. Just bad teaching, a completely disrespectful student and a class full of unhelpful bystanders.

Please note that this clip features some unsavoury language. If curse words offends you, you may want to avoid watching it.

Edit: The video seems to have removed but can still be accessible on this site.

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  1. ketaninkorea Says:

    Reblogged this on So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?.

  2. JManuelCamposN Says:

    Video is not longer available.

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