Why Reading to Your Kids Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds




I love reading to my children when the book I’m reading is somewhat interesting. When the book is boring and repetitive, however, I am tempted to do what Liam Neeson does in the video above.


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One Response to “Why Reading to Your Kids Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds”

  1. Christina Says:

    Reading the same, repetitive stories to children can definitely be a bore. There are many times when I am reading a story with a young student that I have read many times before. During these times, I think to myself, “Soon, the story will be over. Just a few more minutes.” However, I also realize that it is necessary for children to read and re-read stories. It is true that children learn to read in a variety of ways, but I read somewhere that many children find it helpful to read the same story over and over again. By reading stories that include repetition, rhyme, and rhythm, they start to memorize the story and slowly start to learn the words presented. Once they start to recognize words and become familiar with the story, children may (hopefully) enjoy reading more because they can rely less on the adult.

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