I Give Myself an F for Classroom Design


I have a terrible case of classroom envy.

Whilst my colleagues dazzle with their colour coordination and classroom layout, I am extraordinarily inept in this department. Although an appreciative parent once said after I apologised about the look of my classroom, “I love what you’re doing with my child, I don’t give a stuff what your classroom looks like”, I feel like I am letting down my students. I also realise that the look of a classroom is a reflection of the amount of pride the teacher has for his/her room. I am ashamed at how badly my classroom’s look reflects what I really feel about the room and my wonderful students.

A video like the one above depresses me. I accept it was made to help teachers like me, but I know that copying these wonderful ideas would take me weeks if not months to carry out and the finishing product would be vastly inferior.

Is there any other teacher out there who finds setting up a classroom as stressful as I do?



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