Forget About Homework


You want to set your children up for life?

Well, forget about fighting over homework, investing in tutors and purchasing standardised testing practice manuals.

Sing with your children. Play with them on the mat. Open up the Lego box. Talk about life. Celebrate their skills.

Work is important as is a formal education and all that comes with it.

But is there anything better than quality time?

And don’t tell me maths homework is quality time.


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4 Responses to “Forget About Homework”

  1. testing Says:

    Good post. I absolutely love this website. Thanks!

  2. John Tapscott Says:

    I could never, and still can’t, see what the fuss is about homework. When I was a kid i didn’t do homework. I had better things to do. What’s homework about anyway? Kids ought to have time to do things that kids do. Maybe there is a place for homework when they are in high school, but maybe not.

    In all my time as a teacher the only people who seemed to get some sort of satisfaction from children getting homework were parents. I gave kids homework because parents wanted it. Kids don’t need it. If the school functions well all the children need to learn on a formal basis will be learned at school. If the school is dysfunctional no amount of homework will make up for that lack.

    Having said all that I have no objection to children doing something at home that they can share with teachers and peers the next day. It would need to be something they are interested in, something they would want to do, something that doesn’t involve rote learning but that allows the free exercise of the imagination and creativity.

    I’m thinking about a little 7 year old girl who was doing a project on “Deers”. She was so enthusiastic about her topic and wanted to read about it and find pictures and so on. I will never forget the look of wonder on her face when I took an antler to school, that one of my dogs found in the bush, and gave it to her.

    I’m sick of seeing children’s natural love of learning, enthusiasm and creativity being driven out of them by having to learn by rote a whole lot of things for which they haven’t yet sufficient cognitive development to handle.

    I can’t wait for the politically inspired, doctrinaire morons who are currently driving education, to move on to medicine, or law, or sanitation, and leave education to the people who are trained for it: the teachers.

  3. Rockingthehomestead Says:

    Oh my God, so true! Great post!

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