Teacher Threatens to Give Away TV Show Spoilers if Class Misbehaves

game of thrones

Well here is a novel way of getting rowdy students to quieten down:

A maths teacher apparently decided to up the ante by threatening to reveal Game of Thrones spoilers to his misbehaving students.

One day while teaching in a noisy classroom, the educator asked who watched Game of Thrones, to which the majority raised their hands.

‘Well, I’ve read all the books,’ he told them. ‘If there is too much noise, I will write the name of the dead on the board. They are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die,’ reports nieuwsblad.be.

Those troublemakers who took it as an empty threat soon found themselves living to regret it when the teacher proceeded to write the names of those killed off in the third series on the board.

Unsurprisingly, the class got back pretty sharpish to working on long division and the like in silence after that.

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One Response to “Teacher Threatens to Give Away TV Show Spoilers if Class Misbehaves”

  1. kedavis99 Says:

    Now there’s some creative classroom management! I used to make deals with students that if they did their work and did it well during class in the last few minutes I would give them hints to help them in the video games they were playing that hubby and I had already played. It worked like a charm LOL

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