Father Teaches Young Sons a ‘Safe’ Way to Drive Dangerously (Video)

sam surace

I am all for father bonding time but teaching your underage children how to drive recklessly is not a good idea:

A REV-HEAD father who allows­ his seven and 12-year-old sons to hoon in a car says it is less dangerous than taking his kids fishing or hunting.

Victoria Police has blasted the Melton dad as “irresponsible and reckless” after the exploits were posted on the internet.

A defiant Sam Surace said he allowed his sons to drive cars by themselves on private property and to do burnouts.

“This is not bad parenting. It’s just a bit of fun,” he said.

“At least we are keeping it off the street.”

A video posted on ­YouTube shows Mr Surace’s son Brandon, 12, sitting in a car at his parents’ home’s driveway, smoking up the tyres until smoke blackens out the footage.

The video shows other males pushing the front bonnet down for more smoke.

Just moments earlier Brandon’s brother, Joshua, 7, also smoked up the tyres in the same car.




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