The Pajamas that Reads Bedtime Stories to Kids



I know finding the time to read to your kids can be difficult, but surely this is not an activity you would wish to palm off to a garment?

Now, children can “wear their bedtime stories” with these smart pajamas from a US-based company.

The smart pajamas, made by Idaho-based Smart PJs, have printed dots that work like QR codes and unlock stories on a mobile device, Mashable reported.

Using a smartphone, parents can scan the dot patterns on their child’s pajamas, unlocking a story with pictures and words on the screen. What’s more, a free companion app can even recite the tales aloud,” it said.

The pajamas cost $25 each and are available for both boys and girls aged 1 to 8.

But Mashable also cautioned users on using smartphones before bed, saying they can affect the body’s sleep cycle.

Smart PJs described itself as “an innovative company with the distinction of creating the ‘Worlds first and only interactive Pajamas!”

“We have children ourselves and understand how important a bedtime story is for kids, and how important a quality pair of pajamas is for parents, so we have combined them both into one EASY and FUN to use product that every kid and parent will LOVE!” it said.

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