In Case of a School Massacre the Whiteboards Will Make it Out Unharmed

Bulletproof Whiteboards Minnesota

Let’s not beat around the bush, bulletproof whiteboards is a stunt rather than a genuine idea. It is designed to give parents a false sense of comfort during difficult times. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with that, I would rather see them get a real sense of comfort instead.

Schools investing in these whiteboards would be better served in focusing on ways to make their school inviting and relevant to each and every student. This includes making any existing bullying and cyberbullying a issue of first priority. This also includes making every student feel valued, cared for, important and necessary.

Schools which can earn the respect and trust of its students have a lot less to worry about than schools with reinforced whiteboards:

A Minnesota school district where two students were killed in a 2003 shooting unveiled a new device Tuesday aimed at adding a last-ditch layer of safety for teachers and students: bulletproof whiteboards.

The Rocori School District has acquired nearly 200 of the whiteboards, made of a material touted by its manufacturer as stronger than that in police-issue bulletproof vests. The 18-by-20-inch whiteboards can be used by teachers for instruction and used as a shield in an emergency.

Police Chief Phil Jones demonstrated the whiteboards Tuesday in a school gym by leveling a karate kick at one, whacking it with a police baton and stabbing it with a knife – all with no apparent effect.

Jones didn’t fire his gun at the whiteboard, saying it would have been unsafe and inappropriate at the school. But he said he’d tested it earlier by firing several rounds at it.

“We put this board to the test, and quite frankly, that was the day I became a believer,” Jones said.


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