Poor Judgement by a Potentially Good Teacher

Give this teacher a second chance. He made an extremely poor choice but his intentions to make his lessons more engaging are extremely noteworthy:

A history lesson took a turn for the worst recently when a Texas middle school teacher opted to show, rather than tell.

According to multiple reports, the Schrade Middle School history teacher attempted to lasso student volunteers with a rope during a lesson on cowboys and herding methods.

Footage of the teacher’s lasso lesson, captured on a cell phone by seventh-grade student Tristan McKissick and shared with local station WFAA, shows a man lassoing a student in an open field. The young boy, who is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, falls to the ground amid laughter from other classmates after the rope is tossed around his neck and shoulders.

A 13-year-old student suffered bruises to his neck following the incident.

As the Dallas Observer notes, the history lesson was publicized after the bruised student’s parents “complained to the school and local TV station.”

The district placed the teacher on administrative leave Tuesday, pending the results of an investigation.

“It was not malicious. It was not intentional,” Garland Independent School District spokesman Chris Moore explained to the Dallas Morning News. “But it was very poor judgment.”

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