Being Raised Catholic is Worse than Child Abuse: Dawkins


How dare Richard Dawkins, the grumpy old man with nothing positive to say about anything, even equate child abuse with religion, let alone comment that religion is worse.

Whilst I am not a Catholic I appreciate the role the religion plays in guiding its believers in thinking beyond themselves, giving charity and promoting acts of kindness.

These recent comments by a person who deserves little to no recognition should banish the rest of his bile fuelled views to the dustbin for all eternity (whether he believes in eternity or otherwise!):

Raising your children as Roman Catholics is worse than child abuse, according to militant atheist Richard Dawkins.

In typically incendiary style, Professor Dawkins said the mental torment inflicted by the religion’s teachings is worse in the long-term than any sexual abuse carried out by priests.

He said he had been told by a woman that while being abused by a priest was a ‘yucky’ experience, being told as a child that a Protestant friend who died would ‘roast in Hell’ was more distressing.

Last night politicians and charities condemned the former Oxford professor’s views as attention-seeking and unhelpful.

The remarks are due to be broadcast tonight by Qatar-based TV network Al Jazeera.

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