How About Punishing the Students Who do Something Wrong?


What is the point of punishing students whose only sin was to dye their hair to raise money for charity? How many students do you know of who actively use their time and energy for raising money for a worthy cause? Not that many I assume. So why demean the concept of consequences and victimise a bunch of selfless students all the the name of order and control.

And does any sane person out there think the punishment these girls had to endure, fits the crime?

Two mothers have been left furious after their daughters were thrown into a school’s locked barred-windowed ‘isolation block’ because they dyed their hair for charity.

Friends Lucy Gyte and Rudi Stables, both 13, were given a dressing down by senior staff after the October half-term when they arrived with their hair dyed in aid of Breast Cancer Research and Children In Need.

Lucy and Rudi – who dyed their hair pink and blue respectively – were inspired to do something for charity after watching last month’s Pride of Britain Awards.

Now their mother’s claim the girls were left too scared to return to school after teachers punished the teenagers by sending them to an ‘isolation block’.

The parents criticised teachers at Wath Comprehensive, Wath near Rotherham, South Yorks, for what they saw as a disproportionate response to the incident.

Mothers Sue Gyte and Jakki Harrison said that their daughters missed three days of school after a ‘terrifying’ experience behind the barred windows and locked doors of the school’s ‘isolation block’.

They also claim the girl’s stay in the block, which lasted for the duration of three individual school days, left them open to bullying.

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