School Official Allegedly told a Teacher to Train her Breasts to not Make Milk at Work

Some school officials have a love affair with the word “no”. Any time they are asked a question by a teacher the answer is a predictable – “No”.

In the rush to satisfy politicians, donors, board members and parents, looking after teachers and responding to their wants and needs takes a backseat to all other stakeholders.

Teaching is supposed to be a flexible, family friendly career. But it isn’t in the hands of officials and their favourite two letter answer.

One former teacher allegedly found out that the word “no” is not nearly as bad as advice on what she should do with her breasts!

A former California school teacher accuses school officials in a lawsuit of failing to accommodate her breastfeeding schedule.

The Monterey Herald reports that Sarah Ann Lewis Boyle has sued the Carmelo School, where she worked, and the Carmel Unified School District, alleging discrimination and wrongful termination.

The lawsuit was filed on Oct. 30.

Boyle says before returning to work, she told a manager at the school that she would need about 15 minutes every day between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. to pump her breasts.

Boyle claims the manager told her to train her breast not to make milk then, and the district made no accommodations to allow her to feed her newborn. According to Boyle, she later received a negative evaluation and was urged to resign.

District spokesman Paul Behan said the district does not comment on litigation.

I am glad you don’t comment on litigation. I also hope for your sake your schools don’t comment on breasts and breastfeeding either.


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