Tips for Keeping Children Safe During Halloween

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• Younger children should be accompanied by an adult when “Trick-or-Treating”, older children should go with friends.

• Parents should know the route taken by older children, and stay in neighborhoods known to them.

• Only approach homes that are well-lit, inside and out.

• Children should only enter homes known to them and with prior approval by parents.

• Children should wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight or glow stick.

• Costumes should always be flame-resistant. Stay clear of luminaries or candle-lit jack-o-lanterns.

• Make sure any masks worn allow for clear visibility and breathing.

• Don’t eat any treats until they can be inspected for tampering. Look for tears and even pin size holes in the wrappers. Don’t eat homemade treats from any strangers. Make sure kids have a good meal before they head out so that they are not snacking on their Halloween treats before they get home.

• Stay in well-lit areas, never take shortcuts or go into isolated areas.

• Where there are no sidewalks, walk close to curb facing oncoming traffic, never with your back to traffic

• Cross only at crosswalks, don’t walk between parked cars.

• Adults should never ask a child for help, they should ask other adults.

• NEVER approach a vehicle, even if it appears unoccupied.

• If someone tries to take a child (or anyone) scream, kick, run away, grab something large like a trash can, light pole, anything that makes it harder to be pushed into a vehicle.

• Report any suspicious people/activity to parents, police.

• Practice with children what to do when in danger.

I wish you a safe and fun-filled holiday!

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