Kids as Young as 1 Exposed to 4 Hours of Background Television a Day



At 4 hours a day we have to rename a television as a ‘babysitter’:

Children and television watching aren’t always a great mix, especially when talking about health consequences. But parents have to worry about more than kids plopped down in front of the TV—now they have to think about how much background TV they’re exposed to.

On average, kids from about age 1 to 8 are exposed to about four hours of background television a day, a recent study in the journal Pediatrics finds. While too much direct television has been linked to obesity and poor cognitive development, less is known about the effects of background TV.

Two studies in 2008 and 2009 in the journal Child Development looked at the fallout of background TV watching. One found an association between background TV exposure and worse quality and quantity of parent-child interactions, and that could influence development. The other found that having TV on in the background disturbed play among young children, which may have an impact on cognitive development.

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