Nowadays There is Nowhere to Hide From Bullies


Even dropping out of school isn’t an insurance policy against being bullied:

A 16-year-old San Diego cheerleader who was repeatedly bullied by her peers says the taunting continued even after she dropped out, ABC News reports.

Katie Uffens left Westview High School earlier this year and enrolled in a home-school charter program after she was told about the existence of a group called the “KKK” — short for the “Kill Katie Klub.”

Mother Giselle Uffens says, however, that there was no escaping the alleged bullies, who proceeded to harass Katie online via social media after she left Westview.

KGTV reports Ms. Uffens collected defamatory photos and comments the bullies made on Facebook and Twitter, and also recorded dozens of allegedly threatening phone calls made to their house, which she turned over to police.

Earlier this month, two teenage boys were arrested at Westview and questioned in connection with the incident. One of them, Nick Aguirre, told KGTV that while he admitted to playing a role in bullying Katie last year, he is actually the victim in this situation, having been taken out of school publicly in handcuffs.

Aguirre said the “Kill Katie Klub” was just a joke he made in passing to a friend, and that he had not talked to her since.

“Basically, what I said to one of my friends was ‘Kill Katie Klub,'” Aguirre told KGTV. “It was a one-liner thing. We never had any intentions to hurt anybody.”

He also denied having any involvement with the threatening phone calls, despite Giselle Uffens’ claims to the contrary.

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