The Prank That Wasn’t

Parents were challenged to play a prank on their children by making them wear embarrassing outfits for their first day of school. But watching the compilation video, I couldn’t help but admire these children rather than laugh at their expense:

Every once in a while, Jimmy Kimmel will ask his viewers to pull a prank on their loved ones and upload the results to YouTube. Last Halloween he asked parents to pretend to have eaten their kids’ candy, and last Christmas he asked them to give their kids a disappointing gift.

This time around, he challenged America to mess with that most sacred of back to school supplies: the new outfit. Instead of presenting their kids with a brand new backpack or pair of sneakers, these brave souls went with something a little more ridiculous and filmed the results.

Children today are seen as temperamental, spoiled, selfish and disrespectful. These kids were anything but. The way they reacted serves as a reminder to adults that they can not be underestimated.

I wasn’t a big fan of the set-up, but I am a huge fan of the kids involved and how well most of them handled the situation.

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2 Responses to “The Prank That Wasn’t”

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey Says:

    I must be getting old because I hated this. Once again, a fine example of parents exploiting their children for a laugh on YouTube. With all the bullying that happens at school, I fear for the kid forced to work around in the shirt that says “I’m so gay, I sh$% rainbows.” I think that little girl at the end summed it up perfectly when she said, “I hate Jimmy Kibbel.”

    • Michael G. Says:

      That was my feelings to. The reason I posted it was to show how the children rose above their parents. They showed the class and maturity their parents seem to lack.

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