100 Skills Parents Should Teach Their Children


Courtesy of blog.sfgate.com:

  1. Love one another
  2. Tie shoes
  3. Swim
  4. Brush and floss daily
  5. Ride a bike
  6. Do a somersault
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Make a bed
  9. Read before going to bed
  10. Put your napkin in your lap at the dinner table
  11. Say please and thank you
  12. Cook a meal
  13. Watch TV (and play video games) in moderation
  14. Apply sunscreen
  15. Sew on a button
  16. Tell time using a non-digital clock
  17. Treat others with kindness and respect
  18. Blow a runny nose into a tissue
  19. Eat one bag (not three bags) of potato chips
  20. Throw a ball
  21. Skip a rock
  22. Jump rope
  23. Wipe from front to back
  24. Hammer in a nail
  25. Be a good sport
  26. Write a thank-you letter
  27. Iron a pair of pants
  28. Make healthy food choices
  29. Fix a leaky faucet
  30. Catch a fish
  31. Develop self control
  32. Resolve a dilemma
  33. Read a map
  34. Be respectful to elders
  35. Show compassion
  36. Apologize when you are wrong
  37. Use a public restroom
  38. Do the laundry
  39. Grow something like flowers
  40. Balance a checkbook
  41. Have confidence
  42. Make a pie crust from scratch
  43. Speak in front of a group
  44. Take public transportation
  45. Fight courageously, lose graciously
  46. Save a life using CPR or the Heimlich maneuver
  47. Clean up a mess
  48. Study for a test
  49. Turn off all the lights before leaving the house
  50. Properly pop a zit
  51. Dress for the occasion
  52. Sing at least one song well
  53. Dance
  54. Have safe sex
  55. Know when to say no
  56. Write a sonnet, or at least a limerick
  57. Make an honest dollar
  58. Save money, and spend wisely
  59. Do your research
  60. Look someone in the eye during a conversation
  61. Find a book in a library
  62. Wrap a present
  63. Remove a chocolate stain
  64. Tie a tie (bonus points for a bow tie)
  65. Apply mascara
  66. Read a newspaper
  67. Donate time to those less fortunate
  68. Be independent
  69. Be confident
  70. Sneeze and cough into your arm
  71. Lead
  72. Speak a second language, especially Spanish
  73. Ask questions
  74. Hold a baby
  75. Accept others for their differences
  76. Manage stress
  77. Distinguish needs from wants
  78. Negotiate
  79. Support yourself
  80. Comfort others
  81. Write an essay
  82. Take a taxi home (or call mom) when you’re not fit to drive
  83. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide without using a calculator
  84. Get along with people you may not like that much
  85. Deal with tragedy
  86. Build a campfire (and put it out)
  87. Open a bottle of champagne
  88. Celebrate and congratulate
  89. Use chopsticks
  90. Deal with rejection and disappointment
  91. Parallel park
  92. Drive a stick shift
  93. Change a flat tire
  94. Parallel park with ease
  95. Use a fire extinguisher
  96. Bake a cake
  97. Pitch a tent
  98. Pick a piece of fruit that’s ripe
  99. Look on the bright side
  100. Listen

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2 Responses to “100 Skills Parents Should Teach Their Children”

  1. mummyandhergeeks Says:

    Reblogged this on Mummy And Her Geeks .

  2. John Tapscott Says:

    I agree, except for the fact that the list is too short. The complete list consists of millions of other particulars, many of which have not yet been discovered. However, if we can teach our children some absolute values, such as the direction of true north, they will know how to act in all manner of situations because they will be able to work it out for themselves.

    God gave 10 commandments covering our duty to Him and to our fellow men. The teachers of the law, the Pharisees, developed thousands of laws covering particular instances which rendered the law ineffective. Jesus restated the original 10 under two headings. We should love God and love our fellow men. He said that everything hangs on those two. It seems to me that if we followed those with no ifs and buts, we would have all the particulars covered, including teaching our children the things they need to be self sufficient.

    However, modern life seems to be increasingly filled with particulars, while the absolutes that give them meaning are crowded out. Everything becomes more complex almost to the point of grinding to a complete halt.

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