Police Want Schools to Install a Gun Cupboard Next to the Broom Cupboard

Police have requested that high schools install locked gun safes just in case a shooter appears on campus:

Plainfield Police asked the district to install locked gun safes to keep a rifle and important information at several schools in the event there’s a shooter on campus, according to Plainfield School District 202.

The safe could include a “long gun, such as an AR 15 rifle,” according to the request, and would be stored in the offices of school police officers, who would be the only ones with access.

The request was made for Plainfield Central Campus, Plainfield East, Plainfield North and Plainfield Academy. Plainfield South High School will not be included.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society active shooter incidents are no longer something we see on TV,” Police Chief John Konopek said in a statement. “They are reality.”


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2 Responses to “Police Want Schools to Install a Gun Cupboard Next to the Broom Cupboard”

  1. Voiceless in America Says:

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  2. John Tapscott Says:

    Unbelievable! But a coming reality. Here is the text of an email I received from a colleague in a NSW rural high school.

    “The school is a shambles, (female head teacher) got a belt in the chops from a year 7 kid and promptly went on a weeks leave. (Principal) has a transfer to (elsewhere) so could not care less. I am sure he intends to be on extended T&D’s until he leaves. (Deputy Principal) is on study leave and (another female head teacher), one of our more incompetent older ‘new’ (on L Plates) head teachers is the relieving – relieving Deputy. (She) was threatened with a lump of wood yesterday and is in a panic.
    Today another year 7 kid took on (another teacher) who pushed him away. He then came back with a lump of wood and threatened (him). The police were called – however I do not know if the silly woman called them for the kid or the actions of the teacher in defending himself.

    Talk of literacy and under performing classroom teachers seem to have gone very, very quiet. So has the whining about (Deputy Principal’s) autocratic management style. At least he maintained some semblance of control.

    Our new ‘IT’ team is absolutely hopeless. They think (Distant town) is wonderful and had the guy out here today. He could not install a simple program. I have a digital microscope (for the last 3 months) that I still cannot use. It is unbelievable.

    Hopefully things can only get better tomorrow..”

    I have replaced identifying marks with generic words.

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