Karen Klein Gives Back

Well done to Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor, who has put some of her donated earnings into an anti-bullying foundation. There were a lot of rumblings from sections of society about the extent of her earnings as a result of the notorious bus incident. Hopefully, the negativity surrounding Ms. Klein can be put to rest:

A bus monitor made famous after video of her being bullied by students went viral in June is using her experience to make a difference.

Karen Klein has received more than $700,000 in donations from around the world.

And she says she’s using some of that to launch an anti-bullying foundation.

“We’re hoping to get other people to put money in it, and this is going to be for education for people that have been bullied, for people that just — for people that need it for this situation,” says Klein.

Though Klein hasn’t finalized the details of her foundation yet, she took part Sunday in the “Strike Out Bullying Ball Game” at Frontier Field in Rochester, New York.

She threw out the opening pitch for the minor league Rochester Red Wings.

The team is working with local organizations to teach fans about the dangers of bullying.

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