The Fascination with other People’s Misery


We are becoming a society of individuals. We are obsessed with our own success, looks, living and working conditions. Other peoples concerns are of much lesser importance.

There has been a prevailing theory that drivers are entitled to slow down when approaching a crash site because concern and curiosity are quite natural responses in such a scenario. But what about taking photographs and video clips of crash victims?

These are just some of the ghoulish drivers who were caught on camera slowing down to take pictures of a lorry crash in which a young woman was fighting for her life. Police officers attending the ‘horrific’ accident on the M1 in Northamptonshire were shocked to see drivers crawling along the to get a better look at the scene and take pictures.The quick-thinking officers set up their own camera and recorded all the motorists on the opposite carriageway who used their phones while driving – itself an offence.

As the police caught the careless drivers, the 21-year-old female trucker lay trapped inside her wagon for four-and-a-half hours battling to stay alive.

This behaviour is quite unacceptable and is exactly the type of behaviour that we are are teaching our children not to adopt. This mentality paves the way for spectators and bystanders. Instead, we need a generation of empathetic and caring individuals who are prepared to work for others as well as themselves.

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