Lessons Learned From Maddy

So called “ethicist” and pro-euthanasia exponent Peter Singer made the following remark when asked whether or not children with severe disabilities should be afforded lesser rights:

“A lesser right to life I would say. Not a lesser right to avoid suffering or not have suffering inflicted on you … but in terms of a right to life, I think, yes it does make a difference.”

This argument is despicable and prevents our society from connecting with our most vulnerable. Parents who have raised a child with severe disabilities can attest to the profound impact their child has given them. Our society must be taught to love, respect and nurture our most vulnerable – not write them off!

Take the inspirational story that I wrote about yesterday, where a father completed a triathlon with his severely disabled daughter, Maddy.

Ask this wonderful father whether or not children with disabilities contribute to people and society. Ask him whether or not they are equals and deserve equal rights!

The quote from Peter Singer came from the following televised panel discussion. The quote appears at 16.20.

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