Lessons Children Can Learn from the London Olympics

1. It is never over until it’s over. Don’t drop your shoulders and certainly don’t give up. It isn’t over until the final siren has rung.

2. Natural talent isn’t enough. Dedication and practice is vital to performance.

3. It is preferable to choose mascots that don’t give children nightmares.

4. Jamaican’s are pretty fast!

5. The difference between winning and losing is sometimes only properly understood with a knowledge of decimals.

6. Handling disappointment is part of the test of a true athlete.

7. The equestrian sport known as “dressage” is best viewed in very short doses.

8. One day we will be making “most embarrassing parent in the grandstand” an Olympic sport.

9. You don’t need to have legs to be an Olympic sprinter.

10. If you are going to throw a bottle onto a sporting field make sure you’re not sitting next to an Olympic medalist in Judo.

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