The Importance of a Healthy Parent-Teacher Relationship

One of the most important skills of a successful teacher is the ability to harness positive interactions with parents. I believe that a teacher must consider themselves part of a team. After all, the parents and teacher form the three major stakeholders in a child’s education.

Such a notion is supported by expert Karen Campbell.

A GOOD parent-teacher relationship is important to every child’s learning journey and helps develop a memorable school experience.

That’s the opinion of Sunshine Coast education expert Karen Campbell.

And like any relationship, she says these need nurturing and constant attention to be of benefit to the child.

With the new school year only a week away, many parents may be meeting their child’s teacher for the first time.

“Parents have to realise that a teacher is such an important part of their child’s life,” Mrs Campbell, a tuition facilitator and former teacher, said.

“They need to introduce themselves to the teacher, and tell the teacher any special things about their child.

“Open communication is essential, so it’s important for parents to inform the teacher if there’s a problem at home such as a death, break-up or business failure.

“This allows teachers to develop an understanding and appreciate why a child may be behaving a certain way.”

Not all parents are easy to get along with and some employ methods that are not exactly to my liking, but I realise that a disconnect between myself and the childs’ parents is potentially destructive to the academic progress of the child.

It is important to work past any differences one may have and find common ground in the best interests of the child.

Tips for healthy parent-teacher relationships:

  • Re-introduce yourself to your child’s teacher by appointment
  • Inform your child’s teacher of any home-related problems
  • Volunteer to help with school activities
  • Make sure you adopt the same learning style at home as at school
  • Notify the teacher of any special talents or gifts your child may have
  • Open the lines of communication through casual conversations outside the classroom, for example, when dropping off your child or picking them up

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4 Responses to “The Importance of a Healthy Parent-Teacher Relationship”

  1. Mike Feurstein Says:

    I have personally been a part of dozens of successful mediations between elementary schoolers simply because I maintain an open communication with parents. From being able to report early signs, to following up on how it’s affecting behavior at home — we were able to get to the bottom of why situations had arisen, and figured out logical solutions. Input from every important adult in the child’s life is equally necessary to a healthy learning environment.

  2. Antonia Says:

    Thank you for posting this. When I was a jr. high special education teacher, I always looked forward to IEP meetings because it gave me a chance to have an in-person conversation with parents. Getting a feel for the what the parent’s goals were and what their home life was like was extremely valuable in planning for each student’s success.

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