Soldiers Encouraged to Take Up Teaching to Improve Discipline

Are you out of your mind Michael Gove?  I understand that there are times when teachers have no choice but to physically restrain kids, but the way you have encouraged teachers to take the law into their own hands without even having to document it later is just plain lunacy.  Teachers should always be compelled to write an incident report in instances when physical restraining takes place.

But the lunacy doesn’t stop there.  An idea to encourage soldiers to take up teaching because their physically intimidating presence may improve classroom discipline is a big slap in the face of this great profession.  To even consider replacing professional teachers for glorified bodyguards says little for Michael Gove and our hope for better educational outcomes in Britain.

MICHAEL Gove yesterday told teachers to have no fear of using physical force to restrain unruly pupils as he launched a blitz on classroom chaos. It came as the Government unveiled plans to encourage soldiers to take up teaching to improve kids’ discipline. 

The Education Secretary said it was time to show disruptive kids “who’s boss” because “the rules of the game have changed”.

Under plans to bolster staff and undermine school yobs who hide behind human rights rules, teachers will no longer have to record each time they restrain a violent pupil.

Mr Gove said: “The last thing teachers need is another piece of regulation inhibiting their judgment.” He spoke of a “step-by-step” move of the “ratchet” back in teachers’ favour, adding: “We need to ensure we send a single, consistent, message that teachers are there to be respected, listened to, obeyed.

“Let me be crystal clear, if any parent now hears a school say, ‘Sorry, we can’t physically touch the students’, then that school is wrong. Plain wrong. The rules of the game have changed.”

Teaching isn’t about intimidation, it is about patience, care, dedication and insight.  Perhaps we should encourage our fine, brave soldiers to take up politics.

I hear Mr. Gove is keen to explore life as a soldier.  Perhaps a straight swap could be arranged.


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