What Polar Bears and Male Teachers Have in Common

It seems like I have a fair bit in common with polar bears and the Vaquita porpoise. According to some commentators, male teachers are an endangered species on the verge of extinction:


So how does Australia go about attracting men back into the classroom?

Kevin McGrath is the researcher behind Australia’s first longitudinal study of teacher numbers. He has also crunched the national workplace data on the gender and leadership positions in schools.

His studies have found schools are set to run out of male principals in the next 20 years and the male teacher will be extinct in the next 40 years.

Some argue that’s a good thing, given the struggle women face in the workforce, domination in one occupation can be considered a triumph.


Whilst I maintain that quality teachers should be the aim, I find the reaction to the lack of male teachers quite bewildering.

One of the biggest myths in education is that the lack of male teachers is being addressed.

This is pure rubbish.

Can anyone name me a strategy or policy that seeks to promote or incentivise the career to men?

You can’t? Of course not. None exists!

Interestingly, whenever a female gender gap in representation exists, such as in STEM courses at the university level, scholarships programs have been instituted in the name of diversity.

But here’s the thing.

It is ILLEGAL for universities to give scholarships to men in areas where they are underrepresented! That’s right, illegal!

How is that fair? How is that not sexist?

I’m proud to be doing my part for the endangered species that are male teachers. I aim to continue until my own work-life extinction.


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