Queensland’s Stupid Selection Process for New Teachers


Would you trust a University to pick a good teacher?

This would be the same Universities that have been badly training our young prospective teachers. The ones that have left them full of theoretical mumbo jumbo, but with no idea how to solve the practical problems that make the job so difficult.

Making prospective teachers write an essay is a stupid idea. You might as well just get them to buy a raffle ticket instead. It would lead to a similar strike rate by the end of the process:


FUTURE teachers will have to pen a 1000-word personal essay on what inspires them, in a bid to select those most likely to survive in the classroom.

On top of existing academic requirements, prospective teachers will have to “draw on their life experiences” to show they are “motivated, organised and resilient” before being accepted into any Queensland education degree from August.

Candidates will have to write 500 words on two categories, one addressing suitability to teach and another covering personal learning, with a range of prompt questions asking what makes a good teacher and what has inspired them to teach.


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