ADHD Students Can Help You Develop Your Teaching



Instead of looking at ADHD students as a nightmare. Instead of complaining about them in the staff room, see them as an incredible opportunity for personal growth.

Many ADHD students act up when they are bored. Whilst others can contain their impulses when they are disengaged or under stimulated, ADHD students tend to disrupt. Such disruptions should not be seen as bad behaviour, but rather feedback.

Keeping children engaged and excited by their learning is an essential part of what we must seek to achieve. An ADHD student merely heightens the importance of keeping your lessons fresh, well paced, captivating and fun. I promise you that as you invest more in the quality of your lessons, the changes you experience in the behaviour of your ADHD students will become very noticeable.

And before you know it, you’ll be developing lessons fit for an ADHD student even when you don’t have any.


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