Meet the UK Classroom Where Every Student Speaks English as a Second Language




Wow! I have one student with limited English and find it challenging. This makes me feel much better about my situation:


THIS is the incredible UK primary school where every one of the 859 pupils has English as their SECOND language.

Yet, despite the expected linguistic nightmare and the issue of being in an area at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse extremism scandal, Greet Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted inspectors.

There is also a waiting list to get into every year group.

Joint headteacher Emma Tyler said: “While the majority of our pupils arrive with little to no English, it’s our mission to seek achievement for all.

“We’re a school for the community and so everyone, staff, pupils and parents, works really hard to make the school what it is.”takes 161 staff and 35 volunteers to help children go from no spoken english or limited skills to reach ‘broadly average standards’ according to Ofsted.

It’s also served by an executive headteacher Pat Smart who oversees not just Greet but Conway Primary – a school previously in special measures that has improved to good since Greet took it under its wing.


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