Is This What a Dysfunctional School Looks Like?


The following article seems to highlight a school system that has lost the plot.

A student takes an “upskirt” photo via smartphone of his teacher. Then he shares it with his friends on Facebook.

The following happened as a result.

1. The Principal decided not to address the issue with either teachers or students.

2. The mother of the student involved defended her son on the basis that the “teacher was dressed inappropriately”.

3. Some within the school community seem to think the problem isn’t perverted students but the lifting of a cell phone ban.

What hope does this school have of getting talented teachers? At least the boy’s fellow classmates were brave enough to dob him in:


A Brooklyn high-school freshman took advantage of the newly lifted cellphone ban by snapping an up-skirt shot of a teacher — and the photo was shared by his classmates on Facebook, The Post has learned.

The 15-year-old student secretly took the picture with his iPhone as the newly hired teacher stood at a chalkboard at John Dewey HS in Gravesend last week, school sources said.

The freshman’s fellow students ratted out the teen to school officials on Thursday after the image made the rounds on social media.

The next day, the teen was sent to the principal’s office, sources said.

Police and officials from the city Department of Education were called to the school to investigate.

“It’s outrageous to have a kid take an inappropriate cellphone picture of a teacher,” a Dewey teacher said on Monday. “This is something that should never happen.”

A citywide ban of cellphones on school grounds was lifted on March 2, less than two months after Mayor de Blasio announced a plan to overturn the rule.

The rules now vary by school. Students at Dewey are permitted to bring their cellphones to school as long as the devices are turned off and stowed in their backpacks or lockers throughout the day.

“A lot of teachers are concerned about the lifting of the ban,” a staffer said. “It has really traumatized the teacher.”

The teacher, hired recently to replace a Spanish instructor who died, was in school on Monday but felt violated and was worried that the photo would explode on social media.

Her peeved parents even showed up at the school, threatening to sue the city.

Dewey’s principal, Kathleen Elvin, has not addressed the issue with either teachers or students, staff sources said.

But the boy’s mother stood by her son on Monday, blaming his behavior on the teacher’s choice of attire.

“The teacher was dressed inappropriately,” she told The Post.

But students who have seen teacher around campus said she wore appropriate clothes.

“She dresses normally,” one student said. “I mean, to me, she doesn’t stand out too much. She just looks young.”

The city Department of Education confirmed the up-skirt incident, saying that it was taking the matter seriously and that appropriate actions have been taken.

One teacher walking out of the high school Monday afternoon said it was not the cellphone policy educators need to be worried about.

“The rules are fine — some kids have bad manners,” the staffer said.


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2 Responses to “Is This What a Dysfunctional School Looks Like?”

  1. Kanai Gandhi Says:

    Having a cell phone ban lifted makes me realise how powerful a student body can be in order to achieve what they want and also how important it is for them to have a small device of technology with them all the time. It’s almost making them disabled. Almost like ‘cell phone’ addicts. This makes me wonder where the youth is going and whether they understand the importance of education and focusing on education at all. Also, I believe that they get influenced by other videos and photos of ‘pranks’ to a pint that they start believing it’s a trend. So, when this student did such an ill mannered act, i think because of the influence and importance of his acceptance on social media, he thought it was ‘cool’ to do so.

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