We Would Take a Bullet for Our Students


So many of us would do everything possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. Whilst it doesn’t surprise me that a teacher is donating her kidney to save one of her students, one must properly understand that teachers are unlike so many other professionals. So many of us were drawn to teaching for no other reason but for the altruistic purpose of changing the world. Ms. Painter should be commended for her courage and dedication and for reminding our critics what sets teachers apart from many other professionals:


AN AMERICAN first grade teacher will be saving one of her students lives when she donated her kidney to the six-year-old in a month.

The teacher, Lindsey Painter, has only been at the school since last winter, where she met little Matthew Parker and learned of his condition.

“He does dialysis three days a week; it’s in San Antonio and we do live here in New Braunfels. He travels three days a week and it’s a full day, so he only goes to school twice a week,” Matthew’s mum, Lisa Parker, explained to Fox 4 Kansas City.

Matthew’s kidneys began to fail when he was just three weeks old, which required him to receive a kidney transplant. This will be the second transplant he will have had to have had in only his six year life.

Nearly 100 people were tested to see if they could be a match for Matthew, with his teacher eager to help from the very beginning.

“I knew right away that I needed to find out if I could help Matthew.

“So many people came forward trying to help him and I’m the one that gets to do it. I mean I feel very lucky,” she said.

The surgery is scheduled for mid March and if all goes well, Matthew will go back to a normal life in just a few months.


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