Kate Winslet Thinks Divorce is Good for Kids


Divorce is good for kids? You have got to be out of your mind.

In no way is divorce a good thing. Sometimes it is the best of a bad cluster of options but never is it ideal. Kate Winslet, who is an actor I admire, has us believe that divorce can be good for kids because it teaches them to “struggle”. In my opinion, kids get exposed to struggle all the time. They don’t need to experience divorce to have their resilience tested:


Kate Winslet believes that parents’ divorce can teach children how to struggle, and can hence be considered good for them.

While speaking to the Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine, the 39-year-old mom-of-three, said that she tries to turn negative incidents into positive ones, adding that she wouldn’t change the bad things in her life, including her two divorces, the Independent reported.

The Oscar-winning star, who has a 14-year-old daughter from her first marriage, an 11-year-old son from her second and a young son from her current marriage to Ned RocknRoll, said it didn’t matter how many times you have gone through it, since it shapes you into who you are.

Winslet also detested the idea of women having to regain their toned physique shortly after giving birth, saying that she didn’t want to be one of the women who were back in shape in no time, as life was “too short” to waste time on such things.

She would never want or expect her body to be the way it was, since she had had 3 children, she added.


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2 Responses to “Kate Winslet Thinks Divorce is Good for Kids”

  1. fati Says:

    Such myopic view of d effect of divorce on children is not only myopic, it’s irresponsible and selfish. As a victim of separation myself, I should know. It’s unfortunate dat rather than own up to her failures and pray God dat her bad choices would not affect her children negatively, she has decided to justify such failures. Nobody is perfect, but the sign of true character is when we own up to our mistakes with a view to avoid repeating them rather than justifying them. Kate Winslet has certainly fallen in my rating.

  2. Jason Preater Says:

    I agree that divorce cannot be considered “good” for kids, but I am a divorced dad. The question for me has always been how to make the situation as good as it possibly can be, given that it is not the best. There is a lot of moralistic claptrap around that doesn’t help anyone. Having a keener awareness of this is one dubious benefit of the divorce for me. My children will have their own perceptions but they have grown up well and I am proud of them.

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