Teachers, Lay Down Your Guns


Teachers were never designed to be gunslingers. We are not meant for guns, meter rules yes, throwing blackboard dusters maybe, but not real guns. In the short time some schools have allowed their teachers to carry firearms we have heard of a few occasions when they have been put to use. Not on school shooters but accidentally whilst one teacher was on the toilet and another was doing some filing or something of that nature:

Why would a teacher feel the need to bring a gun to school? This afternoon the Technology Center of

Dupage sent out an automated recorded call that said an instructor at the school had “accidently” discharged a firearm during class today. The call said that the instructor was a retired FBI agent and that the bullet had traveled through a filing cabinet and wall before stopping.

As the parent of a child who attends TCD, I found this to be horrifying. Retired FBI or not, why would a teacher feel the need to bring a gun into a classroom full of high school kids? And not just a gun, but a loaded gun, at that. This is the type of phone call that makes your heart stop. Although my child is safe, you can’t help but keep thinking, “What if?”

The call did explain that guns are not allowed on the campus and it looks like the incident was an accident, but I just don’t understand what was going through this teacher’s head when he decided to bring a loaded weapon into a classroom. I really feel bad for the kids who were in the teachers class, I can only imagine how they must feel being inches away from something tragically bad happening to them.

I just can’t stop shaking my head at the actions of this teacher. Thankfully no one is hurt, but this could have easily been much, much worse.

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