Forget About Maths and English, Let’s Take a Field Trip to the Pub Instead!


Learning about responsible drinking at a pub is like learning about responsible gambling at a casino. To conjure up such a ridiculous idea is  bad enough, to get the green light on it is nothing short of crazy.

And what about the novel idea of leaving parenting to parents and concentrating on um … the curriculum?


It’s not likely the pub is on the excursion list for most schools students but for those at Sydney’s Engadine high, their local tavern was! 

Getting them out of the classroom – students got to learn some valuable life lessons on what they can and can’t do when at their local watering hole, when the beer and wine starts flowing. 

Three schools from the Sutherland shire have so far taken part in the pilot scheme of the education program. It was estalished after police found that schoolyard arguments and blow-ups were being moved elsewhere, and that was to the pub, erupting into alcohol fuelled violence. 

At the Engadine tavern this week, Superintendent Julian Griffiths, from the Sutherland local area command told the Daily Telegraph, ‘we are finding young adults between 18 and 21 are sometimes not following the rules in our local licensed establishments.’ 

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2 Responses to “Forget About Maths and English, Let’s Take a Field Trip to the Pub Instead!”

  1. truthaboutparenting Says:

    My 15 yo daughter had to do an assignment on ways she could safely drink underage. I was NOT impressed. How about getting the message through that it is illegal to drink underage! Show them the inside of a jail cell, not techniques to make sure that they ‘safely’ break the law!!!

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