Is There a More Undervalued Career than Teaching?



Teaching is not necessarily as difficult as some make out, but it surely is under appreciated:


The survey, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, found only 39 per cent of Australian teachers surveyed believed society valued the profession.

The Teaching and Learning International Survey was conducted last year and included 2059 Australian lower secondary school teachers and 116 principals. They were among 106,000 teachers from more than 30 countries and economies who responded to the survey.

However, Keysborough College principal Heather Lindsay said it was little surprise that many teachers surveyed felt society did not value their work. ”It’s easy for others to have a misunderstanding of what’s involved in teaching,” she said. ”Teaching is a very complex job.”

Ms Lindsay said many of her teachers spent at least one or two hours correcting work after school and half a day on the weekends was often given over to work. ”Teachers work through their holidays. They work long hours,” she said.

The report showed that 62 per cent of Australian teachers believed that the appraisal and feedback process was ”primarily an administrative exercise”, which had a detrimental effect on job satisfaction. Nearly half of the Australian teachers surveyed reported that appraisals had little or no impact on teachers in the classroom.


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