Teacher Gift Ideas



Personally I appreciate any kind gesture, but I would have to say that the parents who bought gifts for my kids were on to a winner. Not only was I deeply grateful for their thoughtful gift but I was a real hit back home.

Below is a list of gift ideas courtesy of teacher Kathy Mathews:


1. Gift cards – I personally adored Starbucks gift cards. I would get a bunch of 5.00 cards and transfer them all to my Paul McCartney Starbucks card. I would stop for a treat every on my way to work and be wide awake all the way to Valentine’s day. Target was my second most common gift card and I loved those also. Both are great choices.

2. A written note or card – I saved every single one of these that I got and they are still upstairs in a bin in my sewing room. You really don’t need to spend any money, heartfelt thanks from your child is a fabulous gift.

3. A glowing email to the boss – Every once in a while a parent would email my principal or superintendent and cc me in. One parent even wrote the newspaper! It was terrific, I can’t tell you how much I loved it. Let’s just say most parents who email or call the teacher or the principal are not doing it to praise.

4. A small item for the teacher’s hobby – I had a student whose Mom got me a small quilting iron for getting in corners. I was blown away! This is a tricky one to copy as you have to know the teacher’s hobby.

5. An item which matches the teacher’s passions – I love U of I and the Cubs. I had students give me pennants or cute signs. I put them on the walls of my classroom and when I retired I decorated all the walls of my garage and I smile every time I pull the car in.

6. School supplies – We had a very small budget for supplies and all the rest came from our personal money. (Or what we could “borrow” from our husband’s office.) I once had a parent give me a gift bag of post it notes. I was in 7th heaven!

7. Small item related to the subject matter – I taught Spanish and French. I had students bring me back small items like Eiffel Towers or Mexican vanilla from trips to the country. I love those! (I also got margarita glasses from a parent once back when things were a little less regimented in schools. I actually liked them but I wouldn’t recommend an alcohol related gift.)

8. Ornaments – I know there are teachers groaning out there but I liked teacher ornaments and I still have some I received on my tree.

9. Bags – Teachers are all bag ladies. I once had a parent give me a Lands End canvas bag with my name embroidered on it. I still have it and will have it forever. All cute bags are welcome.

10. Books – I have gotten lovely art or travel books about Spain, France and Mexico. They are still on my book shelves.

I do want to add there are gifts I would avoid. Teachers have allergies and restrictions. I would  NOT recommend the following.

No food – No pets – No fancy smelling soaps and lotions – Please, no small decorative items – Mugs are cute, they are. But how many can you use? And I feel compelled to add no cash or booze.


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